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Why I Do Online Psychotherapy (As Both a Therapist and Client) and Love it!

What do you think of when you hear about online psychotherapy?

In the past, I didn’t know what to think and didn’t even pay attention. As a New Yorker, I’m spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a therapist. However, my views have changed dramatically over the last few years. I’ve found that online psychotherapy can be just as powerful and transformative as the traditional face to face model we’re used to.

Let me tell you about how I became such a proponent for online therapy. I love it for personal and professional reasons. I started dabbling in online therapy as an adjunct to my regular in-person sessions. Sometimes clients couldn’t leave the office because of a tight schedule, they had to travel, were home with the flu, or didn’t want to brave the subway on a stormy day.

Is Online Psychotherapy Private?

When I did online therapy sessions I found that I felt as connected to my clients as if they were in the room with me. Our practice uses a HIPAA secure video platform called Doxy.me, which not only ensures privacy but also has amazing video and is easy to use. I practice what I preach and I started seeing my own therapist online more often than not. Even though she’s in the West Village and I was in Brooklyn, it felt far at times and it could be hard to find time between sessions to leave the office.

This past winter, after 10 years of living in New York City, I decided to make a change and move to the country. Now I almost exclusively see my clients online and I’m so happy that I can have the lifestyle I want while still being able to see my clients. One advantage of online therapy is the continuity of care. I’ve been seeing many of my clients for over three years and the thought of ending our work together saddened me. I was surprised that the majority of my clients decided to stay and go the online route. It’s can be hard to find a therapist you connect with, so I also decided to continue to see my therapist online instead of starting all over.

Accessing Therapy Online

Access is another wonderful benefit of online therapy. What if you live in a small town in Upstate New York and the closest therapist with the specialty you’re seeking is 50 miles away? Online therapy can help with that. Online therapy allows my practice to bring great mental health care to all corners of New York, not just to those of us who are lucky enough to live in NYC.

Even if you’re living in NYC, it can be tough and frustrating to get an appointment with the therapist you want, when you want it. Many of my clients can’t leave work in the middle of the day but I can’t see them in the evening. The answer? Online therapy! Many of my clients see me during the day while they’re at work. They just sneak into a conference room and we connect. So instead of calling and calling to see if your fifth choice therapist has an appointment after 6 pm,  consider going with your first choice and seeing them online during lunch.

A few caveats about online therapy.

  1. It’s not for everyone – online therapy is not recommended for people who are actively suicidal, experiencing psychosis, in an active eating disorder, or dealing with severe trauma. Online therapy is best for those who are psychiatrically stable but looking for guidance and support surrounding their lives.
  2. Not all online therapists are the same – when looking for an online therapist be sure to check that they’re trained in telemental health (TMH). There are important nuances to online therapy and it’s important that your therapist understands the legal, ethical, and clinical aspects of practicing online. At Cobb Psychotherapy, all of our therapists are trained in TMH and we are recognized as an accredited TMH practice.
  3. If you’re hesitant about online therapy, just try it! Feel free to ask for a video consult before you schedule to a session with a therapist.

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Why You Should Consider Online Therapy

best-online-therapy-psychotherapists-nyc-brooklyn-01Is online therapy as effective as traditional therapy? For many of us, the idea of going through a whole day without access to our smartphones and the internet may seem unimaginable. Just think about the panic that sets in when you’re driving and realize you have no signal (no Google Maps!) Or the frustration you feel when you can’t reach friends and family because of a wifi dead zone.

We embrace the benefits of technology in various areas of our lives, so why not try it with therapy? In online therapy, the therapeutic work is the same but it takes place virtually instead of in person in an office. Unsure about it? Here are some reasons why online therapy might be for you:

Convenience of Online Therapy

save-time-no-trael-with-online-therapy-best-brooklyn-nyc-ny-03With online therapy, you have the option of doing it anywhere. This means instead of squeezing onto the crowded subway at rush hour to see your therapist you could be sitting on your couch, in your PJs, sipping coffee. If the time commitment has been an obstacle for attending therapy in the past, online therapy cuts out the commute time.


To get the maximum benefit out of therapy, it’s important to see your therapist regularly. However, for many, consistently attending therapy is difficult. This may be due to frequent travel or an inconsistent work schedule. With online therapy, this problem is solved. Online therapy gives you flexibility because you don’t have to go into your therapist’s office each time and you have the option to have early morning, late night, and weekend appointments.


If you feel uncomfortable going into a therapist’s office, online therapy is a great solution. Maybe it’s your first time trying therapy, or you’re nervous about what others might think. Online therapy is a great way to feel safe and comfortable during the therapy process. At Cobb Psychotherapy we use 100% HIPAA compliant video software.

Financial Benefits

Being able to carve out time during your day to attend a session isn’t the only obstacle—there are also financial barriers to consider. We often forget about the additional costs to therapy outside of the actual session fee. Online therapy allows you to save money on travel (subway fare or parking) as well as any other costs, such as daycare, that you need to consider when meeting with a therapist in person.

Accessibility to Online Therapy

top-online-psychotherapy-new-york-info-benefits-02Many people have circumstances that make it hard to get to an in-person appointment. Perhaps you’re a parent and it’s hard to find childcare, or difficulties with mobility make attending a session in person challenging. These things don’t have to be a barrier to getting the therapy you need. It’s as easy as sitting down in front of your computer.

Access to Quality Therapists

If you live in a remote area or small town there may be a shortage of qualified therapists who meet your therapeutic needs. Online therapy is a great solution because it opens up the possibility of finding a therapist who is the right fit.

If you decide to try online therapy our team will support you in setting up both your tech and your space in order to have a seamless experience. All you need is internet access and a computer with a webcam.

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